J!NX GIVEAWAY! (Yes, really!)

Today, I received a rather shocking email, from none other than J!NX – yes, really – and they want to give me some $15 J!NX gift codes to give away! Would I be interested in doing this? Well, DUH… ;)

So let’s get this started… I’m going to give out FIVE $15 J!NX gift codes. It’s a two-stage process:

Stage 1: Go to Minecraftopia and either Like them on Facebook or sign up for their email newsletter by clicking on the TNT block;

(While you’re at Minecraftopia, do actually take some time to check it out – it’s J!NX’s very own Minecraft encyclopedia, with how-to’s, recipes and a bestiary of the denizens of Minecraft…)

Stage 2: Come back to this post and leave a message in the comments, entering for the contest. You’ll have to include your email address (because comments have to be moderated by me), but the only email you’ll get from me is if you win.

You have until 11.59pm Eastern Daylight Time on Wednesday 17 August 2011 to enter. Winners will be chosen at random, by me, from those entered, most likely using RANDOM.ORG. Good luck!

Update: The J!NX codes are valid wherever you are in the world, so anyone is welcome to enter! (Phew!)

Update 2: If the random selection method picks you twice, you can only win once. Another winner will be chosen. That’s J!NX’s rules, not mine.

(Oh, and just so you know: As much as I’d like to have a J!NX code myself, I’m not entering ;))

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  • Sara Childs

    Woohoo! Love them contests. Liked AND subscribed over at minecraftopia!

  • http://thespawn.net alefnull

    so excited! and already done. :D

  • Mungo

    Awesome! :D

    (email: kenniie@gmail.com )

  • Nosirrah


  • Nuk3d

    Pretty awesome.

  • Imperialistic

    Free Schtuffs? Awesomeness! :D Done and Done.

  • Mhykol

    Woot – nice Astra :)

  • David (stahscream)

    Liked on FB. And it’s a great site too!

  • neon_knight

    Awesome contest

  • http://Pauleh.com Pauleh

    That is awesome news, also liked & done.

  • Ironfruit

    Very exciting stuff Astra! It’s mad to think you’ve been selected to give away Jinx codes, well done!

  • http://www.hojjoshMC.com hojjoshMC

    Whoo hoo! DONE! this is legit Astra!

  • Orimazer

    Mincraftopia looks awesome.
    I seems really nicely designed.

  • John W.

    Man, I really wish I had a J!NX shirt right now…

  • http://www.youtube/user/DedEdInTheShed Edwin Crooks

    JINX is amazing… Almost as amazing as astragali :D

    (P.S. Be jealous… I got twitter pats from astra :3) :P

  • OmegaSpoon

    Seems legit! :P

  • http://twitter.com/devatrox devatrox

    I like gift codes!

  • Bezerk

    cool liked

  • Jaanii


  • http://crowandthepitcher.blogspot.com/ thecrystalcrow

    I spend the day away from the net, and look what happens-you have a contest!

  • adzel

    I learned about Minecraftopia from The Shaft, but I still wan’t a gift code!

  • hellthunda

    Random J!NX code contest? Bring it on!

  • Ben Wilson

    Wow I would love to enter!

  • Jan-Willem van Duin

    Hope i don’t J!NX my self by doing this.
    But i want to win :P

  • http://iboserup.dk Jonas

    I’m in :)

  • shroomgirl

    Woot! Go Astra! Climbing the Minecraft social ladder!

  • Manea

    Done :D

  • whizkid1000

    Liked on FB!

  • Jlalaja

    Minecraftopia is great!! Thanx! Bring the gift codes!!

  • Teddanator

    I’m in! :D

  • Antlia

    Ooh I’m a greedy basterd. I’ve been subscribed to this blog for some time now, but commented just now :p I went to the site and subscribed to the newsletter.

    • http://efx3.com/members/astragali/ Mark A. Cooper

      Pfft. I’m sure I get no end of lurkers. I don’t think any less of you! LOL

  • Liam Rae

    Freebies are the gifts of gods.

  • Jenna

    I did it :)

  • Nicholas Couffin

    Wow, the minecraftopia looks awesome. Gonna start using that instead of the minecraft wiki.

    (email: shlinky@live.ca)

  • http://www.youtube.com/hitmarkervs Tiffer

    *waves* :)

  • Katherine

    I like you both :)

  • http://www.youtube.com/notslowpoke Nick

    Doubt I’ll win, but if I do… :D

  • http://www.heavenlypandemonium.com Thefre

    Alright, count me in.

  • xwcg

    Why yes of course I’ll enter!

  • http://ethancherry.tumblr.com Ethan Cherry

    Woo! Awesome feedback so far! :D


  • Lorky

    Subscribed ^^

  • Riltend

    I’ll try not to lose! (I’ll lose… D:)

    …but I’ll try anyway! =D

  • http://gamsrv.co.uk Sudo Rossy

    Done! Hope I win =D
    It’s a pretty cool site too!

  • UmiKagami

    Ooh I hope I win! (Great blog btw!)

  • http://techwhirl.co.uk Jordan Earle

    Done! Subscribed and i follow you on twitter.

  • bigblast181

    Done and done.

  • Farmer_Bo

    Yush please

  • http://Youtube.BlackSailsGaming BlackSailsGaming

    Bring on the Gift codes , I Love these Contests never win but you gotta love em lol

  • Hugh Carr

    Done, hope I win!

  • Matthew

    I wonder what I would get with $15 at J!NX……………

  • Andrew Greer

    Count me in! :D

  • Mocahante


  • Máni

    I want a t-shirt.

  • Holly

    Gift codes are awesome! I subscribed to their newsletter 8)

  • Ollie

    Liked on Fb :))

  • domgray
  • TopHatDuck

    Liked, and subbed.

  • Keverosh

    Sweet! Thanks for Everything!!

  • Puddingface

    Entered. yay! (I was sent by the shaft btw)

  • http://www.justpressstart.net Jack Wakeham

    Contest Entry for Minecraft Swag Code :D
    Email : jack.wakeham@hotmail.co.uk

  • Geoff E.

    I love Minecraft! Wonderful sites like Minecraftopia make it easier and more enjoyable to play.

  • http://Twitter.com/PGrigsby Paul Grigsby

    Signed up.
    Liked them on facebook.

    EMAIL – paulgrigsby13@yahoo.com

  • http://Casuscorporation.co.uk Lawrence McNally

    Awesome! Liked on Facebook and signed up!

  • Grothe406

    I need a Steve Head… NOW!

  • redpanda157

    Ok, I am entering!!!!!! hopefully i will get a tshirt

  • YukonAppleGeek


  • dracorio1

    subscribed to the newsletter

    email dracorio1@live.com.au

    and i like your work

    • http://efx3.com/members/astragali/ Mark A. Cooper

      Erm… the contest closed last Wednesday. But all being well, I’ll be giving out some more codes, soon!

  • Kyle

    Entering Contest -Signed up-

    • Astragali

      Um. The contest was two years ago, sorry…